Friday, August 6, 2010

Anthony Burgess on Pop Culture, Literature, & Controversy

Anthony Burgess on pop culture/media:

Burgess on his literary hero, D.H. Lawrence and the notion of controversial literature:

Keep these words in mind as we read "A Clockwork Orange": the notion of literature to unsettle, subvert the status quo and bring about questions.

Without questioning, there can be little to no progress in the world. If we accept everything around us, simply as it is, civilization would be a far cry from the world we see today.

Questions for discussion in class: 

Question 1: How would you characterize Burgess's attitude toward pop culture?

Question 2: How would compare this attitude with much of what we define as pop culture in our own current time, or in other words has pop culture changed much since the 1960's?

Question 3: Provide an example of a TV show and a movie which you define as pop culture.

Question 4: How does Burgess address the notion that many people regard literature which is violent or sexual in nature as somehow more controversial?

Question 5: In music, film, television and on the internet, how accessible is violence/sexuality?

Question 6: Why does Burgess believe that being controversial has its place/is a powerful tool for progress?
Do you agree? Why/Why not?

Have a great weekend everyone, be safe.
   -Mr. McNamara

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