Monday, August 9, 2010

Online Text

This is a link to a pdf (adobe acrobat reader) file that contains the full text for A Clockwork Orange.
For those of you who wish to begin reading ahead of schedule, the book in its entirety is included.
There is even an appendix/dictionary of the fictional language used by Alex and his droogs: known as Nadsat.

If you wish, save the file to your laptop or send it to your email for future use. You can also print out sections/pages if you like so that you may read ahead/when you don't have access to a computer, and you may do this in lieu of actually buying the text, so long as you bring the requested chapters to class for usage in group work or classwork.
If you carry a book/text with you, you'll be surprised how much reading can be done throughout the day in 10-15 minutes installments: waiting for a bus, a haircut, in line at the DMV et cetera. 

Interesting to note, is that this original UK edition of "A Clockwork Orange" includes a 21st chapter not originally published in the United States until a number of years later. This final chapter puts a considerably different spin on the controversial work as a whole.

For any of you familiar with the film, this also adds a different feel to the close of the work than the film's ending as well. 

Remember, keep an eye out for elements of our own society that resonate, feel familiar. All insightful, dystopic fiction uses elements of our time that we can relate to in order to pose questions and ideas that we might otherwise overlook.

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